Here we have put together an FAQ on Fifty/Fifty. We hope you can find what you are looking for!

Which clubs can join Fifty/Fifty free of charge?
All sports clubs and sports federations who’s national floorball federation is an affiliate to the International Floorball Federation (IFF) can join Fifty/Fifty free of charge.

How do I sign in if the administrator is not at the board meeting?
If this individual is not attending a board meeting at which a Fifty/Fifty session is to be taken, you need to make sure that someone else has access to the log in details, i.e. e-mail adress and password in order to be able to log in and start the session.

The web pages look odd, some images are not displayed correctly, for example.
This may be due to your browser. Fifty/Fifty works best in Chrome and we recommend using it.

What if I want to return to an earlier part of the knowledge section of a session?
In the top right, in the turquoise box, are links that will return you to an earlier part of the same session. Once you have returned to an earlier part, you need to use the Done button on each page again.

Can we print our answers from the discussion sections?
Yes, you can do so by clicking the appropriate session under the “How did we answer?” section of the summary page that appears at the end of each session.

If one or more board members are unable to attend a meeting, can they take the session separately?
Yes, they can view the knowledge section, i.e. all videos, texts and other information. They cannot, however, complete the discussion sections, although they can see the answers from when the board took the session together. To sign in, they need to talk to the person who registered your club so that this person can sign in with their e-mail address and forward the sign-in link to them. This sign-in link is valid for 24 hours. Please note that a sign-in link can only be used once, which means that the individual forwarding the link must NOT click on it before forwarding it.