This is Fifty/Fifty

Fifty/Fifty is an online course that aims to inspire and share knowledge about gender equality in sports. Six online sessions combine inspiration, facts, discussion and reflection with a focus on what you and your club can gain from greater gender equality. Fifty/Fifty is available free of charge to all sports clubs and sports federations whose national floorball federation is an affiliate of the International Floorball Federation (IFF).

The aim of the course is for you and your club to increase your knowledge about why it is important to work with gender equality and the benefits that it offers both the club and its members. Fifty/Fifty is intended to sow the seeds for new ideas and enable you and your club to start making practical, relatively small changes that, in the long run, result in significant improvement.

The course is mainly aimed for the boards of clubs and federations. The idea is for the six sessions to be completed in conjunction with an equal number of board meetings. Each session takes about 45 minutes.

The content of Fifty/Fifty is practical and closely related to your club’s day-to-day activities, and naturally we hope that you will find the material both interesting and engaging.

Session content

Each Fifty/Fifty session has a particular theme. The first session highlights why it is important to work with gender equality, while session two is focused on norms. Session three is about communication, session four is about recruitment and session five is about structures and power. The sixth and final session concentrates on you and your board drawing up your own action list, comprising measures that will contribute to even greater gender equality in your activities moving forwards.

All six sessions have a similar structure. They begin with an inspiration and knowledge section, consisting of videos and short written pieces. This is followed by a discussion section in which you consider and discuss matters and then answer questions directly on the screen.

What do I need to do to take the course?

The Fifty/Fifty course is completely free of charge, and registering your club is quick and easy to do. Click “register club” and fill in the requested information. Once you have finished registering, you can start the first session at any time.

Technical requirements

To take the Fifty/Fifty course, you need to be able to mirror/cast your computer screen to a large screen/TV, so that the entire board can watch it at the same time. You also need internet access and audio output as the sessions include many videos.

You can also take the Fifty/Fifty course in a video conference by sharing your screen and audio – click here for a guide to taking the course in a video conference.

Fifty/Fifty works best in Chrome and we recommend using it.